Generic Shot at Vihara

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Vihara Dharma Bakti, Jakarta - Nikon FM2n, 50mm f/1.4, Lucky SHD 100

Yes, I took this picture – while this old lady pray. I wish her the best.


Pulau Pramuka

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Docked boat at Pramuka Island. Seagull DF-99, Seagull 24mm f/2.8, Lucky SHD 100

Believe it or not, Jakarta has a small paradise right about 12 km from it seashore. It called Thousand Islands (yes, sounds like your salad dressing).

Heavy Shooting at Sunday

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Last Sunday was really a heavy day – fun shooting all day long. Morning – I went to Thamrin Street since it was Car Free Day happening over there. It means – no car, a lot of people.

Afternoon, I went to Karet and joining PD-JKT photo. Taking picture of kampong area which surrounded by big building. Many frames burned that day… unfortunately, I have to pay of wrongly choosing film with numbers of ruined negative. Lesson learned.

Nikon F70, 28-80mm/2.8 Tokina AT-X 280


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Despite of its overprice plastic cameras, Lomography Society definitely happen to bring joy into photography world. Not because they are perfect, somehow, other way around – they praise imperfectness. Creativity and crazy-ness comes first before technical matters.
One of the joy, is using flipped film which called “redscale”. Since color negative using reddish plastic then it will filtered any taken images with red color.
I’ve tried one film, Fuji Proplus 100, to be sacrified as redscaled film. With very sophisticated surgery off course (hohoho!). Well, the come out is quite nice and expected. I’m happy.


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Nikon F70, AF-D 28-80mm/3,5-5,6
Kodak ProImage 100

Morning or late afternoon, occasionally, you may found mobile-tailor in Jakarta urban area. They took a small tricycle a-like vehicle with one full-mechanical sewing machine. If you have a shredded shirt or you want your pants a bit shorter, you can call them a fix it for few rupiahs.

Nikon F70, AF-D 50mm/1.8
Kodak ProPlus 200

At few of Jakarta’s parks – you may happen to see a bicycle loaded with packs of instant stuff. It also carry a big hot water tank. Let’s call it mini coffee-shop.

A Brand New Year

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This is the first day in 2010 and I salute you: Happy New Year!

Many things has came and happen this year. In my photography journey – I note – I’m more focus. The first part of last year, I was too much in things. Old cameras, filter this, adapter that… all of these, overwhelmed me. I became lord of junk. Suddenly, I realize I have to shot more and thought about gear less. I have to get in deep with basic: composition, subject, narration and camera-to-heart relationship. The second half of last year, I sold several of my cameras. I keep the basic and working one for me. Still have five but those are okay. Like today, I can load three of them with different speed of film. I should shrink a little bit, but not so necessary. I thing two or three are enough (especially Leica and Voigtlander :P)

I also shots more films. I love this medium. I hope film will survive for several more years. My development and scanning skill, if I can say so, I suspect is little bit up. That makes me happy since it increase my trust to film. I just notice, for some area, film is more better than digital. People said, digital makes you easier – and that is far from the truth. I need to know this software (and some said that software), this or that techniques and so on. Even tough black and white shot, there are still geek things I need to know to survive. It’s easy to said – but it makes me getting far than the idea of photography itself. In fact, digital drag me to perfection (technically) rather than art.

Ow… ow… ow… no cursing or whining. This is a new year. Well, that’s it. I need to continue my reading. Bye!

Tukang Parkir

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Nikon FM2, 50mm/1.8 Series E
Kodak ProImage 100 @160

In South Jakarta, Betawi clan still has control for several “street business” such as parking lot or other free space. “We collect the money and gave it to our boss here,” said Mr. Tasmin, a ‘tukang parkir’ stays in Pasar Minggu. “Not so long a go, there was a fight between Ambonesee and Betawi to control the area. Fortunately, end with peace.”

I suspect hundreds of people likes Mr. Tasmin, which spending his old years on the street looking for small change in Jakarta. This is cruel city but at some places, hope still glimmering.